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    With experience in Unity and browser games.

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Gravity Pixels's logo. Gravity pixels is a new game studio in Bucharest Romania. More about Gravity Pixels on our website.

Soooo, what’s the deal with Gravity Pixels so far?

Gravity Pixels is a new Game studio in Bucharest, Romania founded in 2016 by a team of enthusiasts from all around Europe, reunited by the same passion, creativity and commitment. Our business plan is based on continuous growth and improvement and we strive to be always in line with our set of values and mission.

Our mission is to bring entertainment closer to everyone through quality games intriguing experiences and well-crafted products. We strive to achieve success in an ethical and pro-consumer manner, putting the needs and experience of the consumer as the top priority in everything we do.

Until now, we have finished our first project, Drawlingo, an online drawing game that’s meant to bring hours of fun to people all over the world. And, because of out multicultural background with employees all over Europe, the game has been translated in over 5 languages.

Our second project, Roam the World, is an exciting fast-paced mobile game, created for both Android and IOS in Unity. You take advantage of tilting to control how the car handles in the air and use acceleration to go as fast as you can in the race. The game has also been localized in 5 languages and is now available for free. 

Some trivia about us…

11 employees

throughout all of Europe.

over 3624

cups of coffee drank by the team.


finished games

Wanna join the team?

We are in a continuous search of new talents and awesome people to fill our pixel ranks. At Gravity Pixels we see ourselves as a big team working towards the same goal.

Even if the game studio is in Bucharest, Romania, we accept people from anywhere, we value your skill, not your geographical location.

All our positions are remote and we communicate through Slack and Asana, some of us tracking worked time with Toggl. This way, we make sure everyone does his part and we still keep an awesome work life balance.

Btw, all new employees get an awesome custom T-shirt and a tons of benefits (including out of country teambuildings)

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Also, do not forget to try our awesome free online drawing game, Drawlingo!

Drawlingo logo. Drawlingo is a new free online drawing game created by Gravity Pixels, a new game studio in Bucharest, Romania

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